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The Mehsana Eco Conference 2014


  • Date:23 August 2014
  • Location:SVA High Scholl, Ambaliyasan Station,Taluko: Mehsana

GREENPLANET organized The Mehsana Eco Conference 2014 to active the Eco Clubs in the Mehsana Taluka’s High Schools. 65 High School took parts and more than 650 teachers gathered to gain the tips over Eco Club’s activities. GREENPLANET gave the yearly Eco Club activities time tables. Greenplanet also educate the Eco teachers how to arrange the programs and how to create interests over Eco activities among the Students. Greenplanet also pointed out the important of Students in the declined ecosystems. Greenplanet will also arrange award function next year for those who work excellence for the Environment. More than 65 High School participated and Greenplanet educated them How to activate Eco Club with different events on various themes or issues across the year.