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Our Events

Students Rally for Awareness

Student rally was organized by Green Planet which was attended by 15 local schools. Rally was organized to bring awareness in general public about current environmental issues we face. Green Planet believes that participation of all stakeholders is required to save our environment. Such student rallies play crucial role in bringing together all stakeholders to discuss current environmental issues.

Ban On Plastic Seminar / SAY NO TO PLASTIC

Green Planet actively advocates ban on plastic. Seminar was organized to address the severity of impact caused on environment by increasing plastic use. Over 7000 ecofriendly bags were distributed for the ‘Say No to Plastic Bag’ campaign. It is estimated that over 2.000,000 birds alone die from plastic use. Green Planet continues its flight against use of plastic bags in grocery store, vegetable markets etc.

Environmental Police Rally For Awareness

Green Planet organized Asia’s First Environmental police rally to spread awareness.Rally was attended by more than 450 policemen, with 4PI, 6PSI and Dy. SP, to spread environment awareness message in public. Tree plantation by members of police department was also organized by Green Planet.