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Our Events

Community Forest Program

Green Planet held community forest program, an education event to inform people on how to manage tree plantation around houses. Such programs lead to a more effective and efficient management of urban and community forests, and improve public understanding of the benefits of preserving existing trees cover in communities.

Reporters In the Environment

Event was organized in association with Rotary Club to award reporters. Awards were given to reporters who have embraced their responsibility towards environment. Reporters play crucial role in society to spread awareness in general public about various environmental issues.

Tree Plantation and Vruxrath(Tree Chariot)

Green Planets regularly organizes tree plantation programs. Tree Plantation programs have been organized in association with rotary club, police department, schools etc. Vruxrath was an initiative by Green Planet in which plants were distributed by a tree chariot in various localities of city. Over 362,000 plants have distributed by Green Planet with 60% of success rate. 700 plants grown in August 2011 are now over 8 feet of height.

Inauguration of Kalol Office

Green Planet- a volunteer organization working in the area of environment and social development has opened its new office in Gold Plaza, Kalol, Gujarat. Inauguration of new office was done by family of Mr.Bata. Two office spaces were donated by Mr.Bata’s family to show their support towards Green Planet mission of strengthening our collapsed eco system and strong public awareness for the environment.

Green Exhibition

Green exhibition was organized with the association of Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency (GSWMA). GSWMA is a naval agency for implementation of integrated watershed management program in state of Gujarat. Exhibition was organized to better understand how to manage our local natural resources like land, water and vegetation with active participation from people.

Environment Harmony Day

Green Planet celebrated Harmony Day on world environment day. Harmony Day was celebrated to show cohesion and inclusion of all people regardless of their individual caste in fight against environmental issues.

World Under Threat and Environment Pledge

World Under Threat is ongoing initiative of Green Planet to bring together nature lovers from all over Gujarat. Under WUT program various environmental issues are discussed and action plans are formed. Under one such program pledge was signed by nature lovers to stop exploiting natural resources recklessly, to clean up and to help improve environment.